ORDER FORM: New York LLC / PLLC / LP / LLP Legal Publishing

  • $395.00

How the process works and what's included:

- We file papers to have your official Div of Corporations address changed to ours in Albany ONLY IF your LLC is located within Kings, Queens, New York, Richmond, Westchester, Nassau, or Suffolk Counties, otherwise we publish in the original county
- We prepare & place your legal notices in Albany County using our address (2 newspapers for 6 weeks)
- We obtain Affidavits from the newspapers
- We prepare and file the Certificate of Publication and pay the required fee
- We forward an electronic copy of the official state-issued Filing Receipt after processing. The Filing Receipt is the only official proof of completion of the publishing process issued by the state
- We change your address back to the one originally listed with Div of Corporations if applicabl
- No extra fees. Everything is covered 100% in the cost. We handle the entire process. - You save up to $1,000 on LLC publishing! - Same price for LLCs, PLLCs, LLPs, and LPs

Things you should know:

- The process takes *about* 12 weeks start to finish - It is *never* too late to start the process... regardless of the deadline, your LLC will be fine as long as you get started - You do NOT need to wait for the process to be completed in order to do business. You can start RIGHT NOW. - The address change we file does NOT affect your business address in any way. You continue to do business at your current address.